Terms and Conditions

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Cancellation Policy

When re-scheduling a lesson online you must cancel it 24 hours before the lesson.

Cancellations on the day of the lesson will result in a lesson being removed from your package.

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Changes to my lesson schedule

In the unlikely event that we need to re-schedule one of your planned lessons we will provide you with a minimum of 24 hours notice.

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Our lessons will always start at the agreed time.

If you haven’t arrived for your lesson within 15 minutes of the agreed start time your lesson will be cancelled and you will lose it from your package.

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Lesson terminations

In the unlikely event that we are forced to terminate your lessons due to student/teacher incompatability you will be refunded for the remainder of your course in full.

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It is not possible to receive refunds on lessons you have purchased from me unless we agree to mutally terminate the package.

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Increases in lesson prices

Our pricing structures are subject to change like any other business.

You are not gauranteed the original price you pay for lessons indefinately.

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Regular study times

We will always aim to provide you with a regular time of the week for our lessons.

Please ensure that you use our online scheduling tool to secure your desired time.

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We apply a common sense approach to scheduling lessons.

My availability will be confirmed via a confirmation e-mail you will receive after booking your lessons using the online scheduling tool.

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Sharing lessons

This is not allowed for 1-2-1 lessons unless agreed with your teacher when you book.

This means it won’t be possible to share the lessons you have purchased with other people, such as friends or family members.

Goup lesson packages should be agreed before the course starts.

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Studying in a quiet environment

Try to ensure that you have a quiet environment in which you can study English.

A noisy enviornment makes teaching and learning very difficult.

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Taking breaks from lessons

We adopt a common sense approach for students who need to take a prolonged break for their lessons.

Get in touch so we can agree a suitable plan.

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Changes to terms and conditions

All terms and conditions are subject to change.

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