Technical Questions

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Can I use my tablet or Ipad for our lessons?

Of course.

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Can I have lessons using a Linux computer?


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Can I have lessons using my mobile phone?

Unfortunately not. 

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What speed Internet will I need?

It is important that you use a reliable broadband connection.

We can check your internet capability when we have our demo lesson.

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What happens if there is a connection problem in a lesson?

We will communicate with you via other methods (email/text) to try to identify the source of the problem.

Our teachers can always use their mobile phones as hotspots in the event the technical problem is our side.

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How should I set up my audio for our lessons?

We recommend using a headset with a microphone for the best possible audio quality in your lessons.

Please do not try to use a built-in microphone on a laptop, as the quality can be poor for online purposes.

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