Teaching & Learning Methodology

What separates Generation English from any other online School?

We are experts in teaching Business English and Exam preparation for teenage and adult learners.

Your tutor will have extensive experience in business and be fully qualified to teach ESL and prepare you for your exams.

Lessons are based around classroom based learning principles, lots of dialogue and supportive mentoring so it is very much a communicative teaching methodology.

We make your lessons bespoke, interesting and enjoyable.

Will we use a course book in lessons?

This depends on your learning objectives.

We recommend using the content we have available to us within our e-learning platform.

If you are studying for a specific exam, or simply work better with a structured textbook approach, then we can use a course book.

If you prefer a less formal learning experience we can base our lessons around dialogue and in-lesson conversational feedback.

The choice is always yours but we will provide our recommendations based upon your needs.

How do you provide feedback in the lesson?

Providing feedback is a key part of the lesson.

We share useful information about how to develop pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar to help you improve your English throughout the lesson.

Will I receive homework?

Of course, unless you specifcally request no homework.

Our online learning portal allows you to complete homework in your own time from any device and receive prompt feedback from your teacher.