Business English

English for Professional Business Presentations

ESL Business lessons often focus on particular topics, vocabulary, and communication skills that are pertinent to the workplace environment and promote productive communications.

We are often asked to help students develop their English skills to deliver professional presentations. Understanding how to create and deliver an effective engaging presentation takes time to develop but there are some simple processes that will help you see instant improvements. 

Develop a Winning Online ESL Business English Product

Business English has become one of the most popular subject requests for ESL students.

You only have to consider the speed in which global digitisation has taken place to understand why there has been such a rise in popularity of studying Business English. The Business world is now globalised through technology and high-speed data with the universally accepted language underpinning this interconnection being English.

Writing Cover Letters

Cover letters accompany your CV when you contact a recruiter in relation to a job application. These letters are used to introduce yourself to their company, highlight your interest in the role and entice the reader to place your CV on their ‘to review’ list, rather than in the bin…

A cover letter is often the first contact you have with prospective employers and underestimating the importance of creating a professional, tailored, introductory letter can seriously damage your chances of securing a job interview. Make no mistake, a poorly written cover letter will result in your CV being ignored.

Recruiting Business English ESL Online Tutors

I am often asked about our recruitment strategy and the qualification criterion we utilise when recruiting freelance ESL tutors to work for Generation English.

Teaching business English encompasses a lot more than simply tutoring vocabulary, lexis and a little bit of grammar. Business English concentrates on how English is used within different complex contexts. I am quite sure that you speak to your manager at work in a different manner than how you speak to your family members?

Applying Business Principles to Your ESL Learning Goals by Setting SMART Objectives

Diligent and meticulous planning in Business is a key component of every success story.

All Businesses, large and small, work towards achieving a goal, or a set of goals. Most goals tend to be quite broad and some are linked to ‘missions’.

To achieve goals, Businesses must set out a clear approach for its employees. This approach is commonly called a ‘strategy’.

How can a business achieve its strategy?