Five Amazing Free Blogs for Learning English Online


Online students of English looking for free English language content, or an online english teacher, don’t have to search very far online to find rich relevant English language content. 

There are hundreds of free learn English websites, tools and blogs available online for learners of english from all levels to further enhance their linguistic skills long after their online English lesson is over.

The problem with so many free materials being available means finding the good stuff can sometimes be a challenge. There are lots of brilliant blogs full of rich content and innovatative materials and then there are, well, some pretty poor repositories that are best well avoided.

We are such a lovely bunch of people over at Generation English that we decided to list our top five free English learning Blogs to save you the pain of trawling through the internet.

We have also provided a short description so you can quickly choose a suitable English Language blog that best fits your interests and needs.

So, in no particular order…. LETS GO!

Espressoenglish is one of our favourite blogs.

The lessons are clearly laid out and they cover a fairly broad set of topics.  The site also uses a lot of videos which makes the learning experience interesting.  The site is run by a very well establish English teacher, Shayna and its content covers all levels.

Vicki Hollett trains adults who use English at work and leisure.

Vicki is a very experienced and established English ‘guru’ who has written lots of popular Business English course books, app content and training videos. The Blog is high quality and professional and there are lots of videos available to help you study with visuals. A great free resource for intermediate and above students.

This is a huge repository for learners of English and one we reference on a regular basis.

Beginners through to advanced students can all benefit from this brilliant content.

There are lots of podcasts available so if you are a student that likes to download and learn on the go then this is the English learning blog for you.

Mondo’s ESL world is an English learning blog with interesting videos, innovative lessons based around music and writing classes. Mondo also provides cartoons, discussions by level, podcasts, and you can find grammar lessons here.

There are even newspaper and book references which make this Blog very contemporary. This is our favourite blog right now.


We simply couldn’t put together our top five free resources without listing the BBC.

The site continues to provide excellent free English learning content for a global community.  The content is split into ‘features and ‘courses’ and provides online English lesson content for all levels. 

There are multiple teachers participating in the lessons and, as you would expect from the BBC, the lesson content is very polished and works on all platforms perfectly.

Students of English interested in free learning content don’t have to look very far for rich relevant English language content. There are literally hundreds of free English websites, tools and blogs available online for learners to further enhance their linguistic skills long after their online English lesson is over.