Learn English in under 5 minutes a day.

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We live in a very busy digital world.

Lots of students of online English lessons are glued to technology all day at work and when they are not working they tend to be busy fulfilling life responsibilities. There is a tool that allows us to combine our busy work and social life to live efficiently in todays world. Ladies and gentlemen i present to you the mobile handset.

Whether we like it or not, mobile phones now play an crucial role in our lives. We rely on our mobile handsets to help us with our day-to-day tasks, commerce, shopping and for social engagement. Mobile phones clearly play an important role in our lives but how effective can the mobile handset be in helping us to learn a new language online?

The world we live in today can be very stressful so when it comes to finding the time to relax, laugh and learn a foreign language online there are normally a multitude of obstacles and distractions. Our daily ‘life’ responsibilities can get in the way of studying just as having the energy left after a hard day at work can.  

If you fall into the category of being ‘too busy’ or simply ‘too tired’ to set aside time for studying English online, what would you say if I told you that you can learn English in under five minutes a day using your mobile handset?

Would you call me a liar? (probably)

Would you consider paying for five-minute online lessons? (maybe)

Before people start posting ‘LIAR’ or ‘Click Bait’ comments on this Blog, let’s get something very important out of the way before we go any further. If anyone tells you that by learning English online for just 5 minutes a day you can become fluent, they are talking nonsense.

English is a complex language and people need much more than five minutes a day to build proficiency but that is not to say that in today’s digitally connected world there are not hundreds of online tools available to English students, on mobile, to help accelerate learning.

Language apps, websites and downloadable free English content are all readily available for anyone with a mobile phone and internet connection. Five minutes of learning a day is long enough for you to ‘take away’ some important English concepts and learn english online, whether they be about grammar, vocabulary, lexis or pronunciation.

One of my personal favourite online repositories for short lesson content is a series that the BBC World Service run. The BBC world service (which is free) has created an 'English in under 6 minutes' programme. The old website, where you can still access all the lesson content and download the audio files for free, is unfortunately no longer updated, but can be found here

The new site, which is updated, can be located here

These BBC English in 6-minute learning episodes are a fantastic repository of relevant free content for English learners from all parts of the world. Make sure you tap into this useful mobile resource and take full advantage of this free content.

Just like the BBC, Generation English has recently started to produce some of its own free lesson content for ‘busy folk’. The first series is aimed at beginners (A/B levels) and is titled ‘Lesson Hacks’.

We keep these free videos under 5 minutes in length because we want to create useful (and fun) content for our community that can be quickly and easily digested online at any time of the day (on all devices).

Whether you are on the bus coming home from work, or taking five minutes out of your busy schedule……..grab yourself a free 'Lesson Hack' from Generation English and take away some important learning concepts to help improve your English.

I’ve placed a link below to our first free ‘Hack’, the ‘Present Perfect Continuous’, and we hope to have the full series online within the next few weeks.  

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For busy folk.