How our Lessons Work

Language Evaluation (Online Test & Training Needs Analysis)

We encourage our students to conduct a free evaluation test online via our e-learning platform.

Your tutor will send you an email with a link to complete the test after your free consultation.

This evaluation enables your tutor to assess the level of your English and align your learning goals with the correct lesson materials.

Within your free consultation your tutor will conduct a writen Training Needs Analysis (TNA) which will help us assess your learning needs so we can together devise a suitable study programme.

Lesson Structure

Our lessons will be completely customised to your specific needs. 

Together we will use the e-learning platform to structure our lesson content online. 

All homework can be conducted online via the e-learning platform.

Some students like to concentrate on exam preparation, whilst others request informal conversational English. The choice is ultimately yours but we will help guide your decision.

Our e-learning platform allows us to carefully track your development. This allows us to monitor your progress against your long term learning objectives.

Coaching & feedback

Part of the learning process is identifying areas of your language that needs improvement.

Your teacher will be making feedback notes within the e-learning platform throughout your lessons on your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

These notes are very valuable and will be available to you following our lesson.

Task based learning

Our teaching methodology incorporates task-based learning.

This teaching method is invaluable when teaching Business English. 

When adopting aspects of task-based learning we apply lesson focus around the completion of a central task.

Our online learning portal allows us to focus on the target language and the complete relevant tasks together.

Task based learning is fantastic for Business Students who need to use authentic language whilst completing Business relevant tasks that incorporate the target language set out for each lesson.

Virtual Classroom

Our lessons together will be conducted within our e-learning platform.

We will also use Skype or ZOOM together in our lessons. These tools allow you to see your teachers computer screen which is a fantastic learning tool and much more useful for an online student than just voice and video channels.

Online Learning Portal

Our students receive access to an online e-learning portal for our lessons together.

As a student of Generation English, you will be able access the online e-learning portal from any device and see post-lesson learning materials, teacher notes from your lesson and complete your homework online.

This is a fantastic resource for our students and allows your teacher to mark your homework and evaluate your progress.

60-Minute Lessons

Many online English schools will only offer you 45-minute lessons whilst charging full rates.

Our lessons will always be one full hour giving you maximum value for money.

MP3 Lesson Recordings

The voice channel of our lessons can be recorded in MP3 format.

We can provide you with an MP3 audio file of your lesson via google drive.

You can then review your lessons and continue your development long after the lesson has finished.

Accessing Lesson Files Online

Your teacher will create a Google Drive folder and share it with you via Gmail.

You can then access all lesson files and materials from this folder.

All lesson materials will be securely stored in the cloud at no extra cost to you.

To Webcam or not to Webcam?

Some students hate using video so you can choose if you want to use a webcam in our lessons or not.

During our lessons, we can use the TeamViewer webcam, which is a very small window in the bottom of the screen if you want a less intrusive webcam link.