The Importance of Business English


What is the difference between Business English and General English?

Both require the development of core skills in fluency, reading, writing and listening, the application of linguistic principles and, of course, plenty of hard work.

BUT Business English courses are different.

Business English is typically designed for professional people who need to improve their linguistic & communication skills for work where English is used as the common language.

Our Business English approach merges some of the techniques seen in management training with English language training. These techniques place an emphasis on using materials for case studies, simulation, team-building scenarios, problem-solving, coaching and mentoring.

It is very important to use course materials that are both relevant and authentic, as well as being tailored for the work sector of the student. We always recommend 1-2-1 lessons for Business Students, although we will provide small learning groups with other mature professional people from the same business sector.

Why should I learn Business English?

Global digitisation has disrupted how the world conducts business. Organisations now search the global market to recruit new talent, desperately looking for employees with the best ideas.

A global community can only exist with one standard language of communication. Subsequently, English is now learnt by students in every corner of the world and is fast becoming a 'must have' business skill.

Global communication is an essential requirement for collaborative businesses and English is the leading language widely used in business today.

Take a look at some of the statistics below to see what can happen when global businesses don't seek out proficient English speakers for its workforce. You can read the full white paper online here.


How are Business English Courses constructed?

Business courses often focus on particular topics, vocabulary, and communication skills that are pertinent to the workplace environment and enable productive communications.

Below is a list of some of the topics commonly requested by our Business students.

                     Making phone calls

Making Phone Calls

                     Writing presentations

Creating Presentations

          Taking a lead part in group meetings

Conducting Meetings

           Managing complex negotiations

Handling Complex Negotiations

        Writing e-mails and business reports

Creating Business Reports and Insights


How will a Business English course help me?

When you study Business English online with Generation English you will be able to focus on subjects that are relevant to your industry or company while simultaneously enhancing your General English skills.   

Business English allows you to improve your overall English language ability while targeting areas that will help you achieve your goals at work.

These objectives could be anything from starting on your career path, looking for a promotion, pushing for a pay rise or simply feeling more confident in your role.

Whatever your reasons may be, learning Business English can contribute to your professional progress, not to mention being rewarding and enjoyable.