An Introduction to our Lessons

Can I cancel a lesson?

Of course.

We understand that our students are busy and that sometimes life events get in the way of planned events.

We do ask that cancel your lesson 24 hours in advance so we can re-arrange our calendars.

Must we use a webcam in our lessons?

This is entirely your choice.

It is not essential that we use video in our lessons but it helps build relationships.

Will I receive lesson notes and audio after our lesson?

We like our students to create a free googlemail account so we can share a Google Drive folder destination with you before you start your studying journey with us.

It is here in the cloud that we will save all your lesson documents and audio files for you to access after the lesson is over.

We also provide our students with access to an online learning portal to complete homework and access learning content after the lesson.

How do I join our lessons?

Shortly before our lesson starts, I will message you on Skype or ZOOM to ask if you are ready and provide you with a meeting ID number.

How do we schedule lessons?

Scheduling lessons and courses is very simple.

We can schedule your next class at the end of each lesson by looking at my Google calendar or you can do this yourself online using my online booking schedule within this website.

How do you teach?

We use free online tools to conduct our lessons together along with our Learning Management Software.

We use ZOOMGoogle Hangouts or Skype to talk together online.

You can see our screen in real-time throughout the lesson.

How long is a lesson?

Our lessons are 60 minutes unless you specifically request longer/shorter lessons.

how many students are there in group lessons?

We provide individual 1-2-1 lessons.

Individual lessons involve a teacher and student.

What happens if I am late for a lesson?

Punctuality is very important but we understand that life can sometimes get in the way of being on time.

The earlier you can inform us of your lateness the better.

Your lesson will start at the agreed time so ultimately you will be eating into your own lesson time if you are late.