Exam Preparation


Generation English can help you prepare for all types of English exams


How do we prepare for your exam online?

You will gain a lot more in a short time preparing for an exam like IELTS in a 1-2-1 setting than in a group.

Conducting 1-2-1 lessons for exams allows us to focus the whole lesson around your learning needs. Our lessons will be geared only towards you achieving the highest possible grade.

How it works

We will review the exam syllabus together in our first lesson and isolate study areas we both feel need attention to ensure you are fully prepared for the exam. 

Lessons will have clear learning objectives aligned with the exam content and our lesson plans will be very carefully designed to provide you with the best possible preparation.

Our e-learning platform has extensive Business, TOEFL and IELTS lesson materials.

Exam preparation can be intense but is a lot of fun!